10 Things Every Man Should do in Order to Grow a Thicker Beard

10 Things Every Man Should do in Order to Grow a Thicker Beard

  • Samriddh Dasgupta

Do you want to grow your beard thicker, fuller and faster? If you are one of those men who find it tough growing a thick beard, then you are not alone!

Most men face challenges once they have taken the plunge to grow that gloriously thick beard. Never be disheartened as it is possible to grow your beard naturally and fast. However, you need all the dedication and the time that it needs. In this blog, we keep you updated on the four most important things every man should do to grow a thicker beard.

  1. Diet is important

Pay attention to what and how you are eating your food. Diet plays a significant role when you are growing a beard. Plan your diet with wholesome and well balanced nutritious foods. At the same time, remember to enrich your beard with the goodness of the best onion oil for beard growth.

  • Proteins: Proteins are the building blocks of life. They are an excellent food for the healthy growth of hair follicles. Include sufficient protein in your daily diet in the form of chicken, beef, eggs, legumes, fish, and nuts. They have all the good stuff that your beard needs to grow.
  • Fruits and vegetables: You cannot get a thick beard without the nourishment of fresh fruits and vegetables. We are all aware of the importance of onion oil for beard growth, tap into its benefits, and you will be a step closer towards achieving your beard goal! Avoid juicing fruits, instead of eating them just the way nature has blessed us with. Make sure to cook your vegetables well before eating them to be easily absorbed by the body and hair follicles. Indulge in juicy oranges, walnuts, brazil nuts, potatoes, raisins, spinach, kale, broccoli, and other fruits and vegetables that are great for beard growth.
  • Supplements: Vitamins and supplements all help with beard hair growth. Give your vital body vitamins like B5, C, D, E, niacin, and biotin. How thick your beard can grow depends on genetics, while supplements can help you to some extent.
  1. Oiling

Beard oil moisturizes and restores your beard to its original glory. Advanced beard oil keeps it looking healthy and helps you fight against foul odor as well.

  • Onion Beard Growth Oil: Most men tend to shave off their beard as soon as it itches and gets troublesome. They don’t want to make an effort, which is when the pessimist self sets in. To grow the beard you desire, it is vital to commit to your beard’s daily routine. Don't give up on the idea of your dream beard. Instead, nourish it well with onion beard growth oil. Avoid using the trimmer for at least 4 to 6 weeks. Give your beard all the love and care that it needs. Your efforts will take at least nine months for the beard to grow just the way you want it. You may come across many challenges and obstacles along the way; however, just don't give up hope as you have some of the best onion oil for beard growth that can come to your rescue. There are several other beard oil products in the market. They are highly effective both in the scruff phase and later. It softens the beard and gets absorbed deep into the hair follicles. Furthermore, it triggers hair growth and reduces itchiness and dryness around the beard area.
  • Beard Balm: Beard balms are also perfect for nourishing and for taming flyaway beard hair. They contain the goodness of onions and shea butter and essential oils that give your beard a sweet-smelling fragrance. It also makes your beard grow faster and leaves you feeling fresh throughout the day.
  1. Caring
  • Brushing: Brushing and grooming your beard is just as important as nourishing it. Grooming your beard gets rid of any dead skin cells, paving the way for new hair growth. Use a good beard brush to shape and style your beard the right way. Use natural, firm, and robust beard brushes with wide bristles that easily de-tangle knots and keep your beard smooth. Avoid synthetic brushes that can damage your beard and all the efforts that you put in no time.
  • Trimming: Make sure you cut the loose ends and make it look neat and healthy. Regulary trim it even if you want to grow a stubble.
  • Shampoo: When you start growing a beard, you will have an itchy stage but don’t worry. If you use a beard wash shampoo, it will minimize the itch, leave hair soft and skin hydrated.
  1. Other factors that influence

You can genetically be blessed to have a fuller beard. But your lifestyle changes can also positively impact hair growth.

  • Lifestyle: If you have not been living a healthy lifestyle, you must change it as it is your beard’s very life and soul. Get your beard back on track by bringing about the required changes in your lifestyle.
  • Exercise well: Exercise gets your heart rate up and kicking steadily. It helps better blood circulation to all parts of the body. Moreover, it reduces stress and keeps you relaxed, enabling your beard to grow long and thick. Exercise for at least 30 minutes each day by hitting the gym, jogging, walking, or swimming. Additionally, give your beard the natural boost you need by applying an advanced beard growth oil.
  • Sleep: Sleep is vital for the growth of new skin cells and to repair damaged ones. Get at least 8 hours of sleep at night. The night is when your body can repair and grow your beard. Before going to bed, apply a few drops of anti-grey beard oil to give your beard a black, well-nourished shine.
  • Get rid of vices: Quit any sort of vices that you may be indulging in, whether it is consuming alcohol or smoking. Instead, substitute it with healthy alternatives. Keep your body well hydrated, and massage your beard with oil for grey beard reversing.

 Once you know how to grow your beard the right way, you’ve accomplished half the journey to a fuller, longer, and thicker beard. Be your confident self and captivate the world around you with a well-groomed beard that highlights your facial features. All it takes is just patience and the dedication to do it right.