5 epic moustache styles to sport with your beard !

5 epic moustache styles to sport with your beard !

  • Simran Sharma

If you haven’t noticed already, beard trends are taking the fashion world by storm. You see those tall and lean models on the runways, walking confidently, donning the most dynamically trimmed beards and moustaches. Their clothing compliments their aura and personality. And to top it all, their moustaches also enhance the beard look and highlight their best features. 

The concept of beards has always been a subject of controversy because of ‘cleanliness enthusiasts’ who often condemn the facial hair growth culture. Nevertheless, men are always fascinated with the concept of facial hair and its maintenance. They often use different creams, gels, beard softener and onion oil for beard growth to get the best results.



That happens to be the first step to achieving killer looks. The second is to match the perfect moustache style with your beard rightly. The men who do not know any better end up growing their beard and moustache profusely, which hides their features. Here are the top 5 epic moustache styles that will give you an idea as to how to groom your facial hair -

  • The 5 ‘o’Clock Shadow

Let us begin with the simplest Beard-Moustache style and then proceed to the rest. The 5 ‘o’Clock moustache is best for the office-going men who cannot afford the ‘Wizardly’ style. This is simple, crisp, and you can trim it short. Use beard softener to keep it looking its best.

The moustache suits men with an oval face. To get this style right, you have to grow the beard well and then use the trimmer to crop it short. If you look at famous men like Adam Levine, David Beckham, and Zac Effron, they sport this look most of the time, and it also complements their red carpet attires. 

The short stubble adds a touch of wildness to an otherwise regular look. If you have an impressive jawline, this style will flaunt your best features, making you stand out in the crowd. The moustache can appear more profuse depending upon the darkness of your hair. 

The ideal style would be to have your moustache spread to the length of your upper lip. The moustache doesn’t touch the size of the beard. It happens to be the most preferred style for men who like to keep it subtle but still want to leave an impression. 



  • The Goatee Style 

This moustache style is specifically for those men who like to keep it cool and adventurous. And if you have a perfect jawline, this one displays the sharp cuts precisely. Love those cheekbones? This style completely compliments those features. 

The beard remains as a patch on your chin and curls upwards, as if it were reaching out to your perfect moustache. And to match that precisely trimmed beard, a goatee moustache is an ideal fit. 

Unlike the 5 ‘o’clock moustache style, this one is thicker and more conspicuous. It doesn’t end at the tip of the upper lip. The moustache curls down towards your chin as if it were also reaching out to your beard. Don’t they resemble the lovers who can’t stay away from each other? That is why they fit perfectly together. 

The style suits regular outfits as well as formal attires. If you have a round or oval face, this beard-moustache combination is the best to make your face stand out. 

  • The Modern Horseshoe

If your box of supplements, gels, creams, is not giving you good results, make sure to use onion oil for beard growth. As for style,  the modern horseshoe is perfect for those who like to stand on the middle ground. 



The beard is trimmed short but still stays conspicuous. It covers the sideburns, and the modern horseshoe bends down to touch the tip of the beard right next to the edges of your mouth. This style also works with a V-cut beard if you know how to groom and maintain it carefully. 

  • Angular Moustache

The angular moustache happens to be the trademark for style, class, and authority. This one is thick, sharp at the edges, and extends slightly past your upper lip. Unlike a handlebar, this moustache style touches the base of your nose and extends downwards, only to take a subtle lift. 

The Square beard is the perfect companion for the angular moustache. If you like to keep it subtle, you can trim it and combine the style with a 5’o’ clock shadow. This moustache gives an artistic feel to the face, and if you have chubby cheeks, this one also covers that part. It works well for those who have a round face. 

  • The Handlebar

The Handlebar moustache has been the fashion maniac’s favourite for a very long time. From the cowboy era to now, this one has evolved to adapt to the changing times. A handlebar moustache is usually thick or thin, depending upon the preference of the person taming it. 

However, to match your V-shaped beard, you will need a thick handlebar that curls impressively on the sides. It is thicker in the centre, above the upper lip, and almost touches the tip of your nose’s base. It is the epic moustache style that suits both the young and old alike. You have to be very careful with how you groom it. 

People use onion oil for beard growth and other supplements to ensure the thickness is satisfactory. But proper diet and hydration also play a crucial role. When you can handle that, it’s easy to maintain a handlebar with a V-shaped beard. 

A moustache and beard are the true jewels of a man, and they certainly raise your standards. You wear them with pride and walk like the world belongs to you. The sense of confidence that they bestow on a man is surreal, and it takes a lot of effort to maintain them. It is not rocket science, though. The proper grooming products, onion oil for beard growth, nutrition, and the gift of genes can do magic!