6 reasons to grow a beard this Winter season!

6 reasons to grow a beard this Winter season!

  • Simran Sharma

Men have always been fascinated with moustaches and beards. However, they face unanswered questions like - Will the creams and gels work? Will the growth be the same in all men? Is Onion oil good for beard growth? Do certain habits inhibit facial hair growth? It’s worth it to find relevant answers to all those questions because a beard is going to make you stand out in the crowd. 

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The Salons are closed because of the COVID - 19 pandemic spreading rapidly everywhere. But this is not the only reason why you should consider leaving your beard alone. Didn’t it already grow during the lockdown?

Beard signifies status and style only when you know how to tame it well. It can highlight your face’s prominent features and mask any natural anomalies you are not proud of. 

Here are six reasons to grow a Beard this Winter Season - 

No Fear of Sun Tan

We often see men growing their beards during the Winter season. But the Winter beards are the clear display of a man’s guts. Under the sun’s glare and the profuse sweating, you are daring to grow facial hair. If you ignore the apparent irritation, the beard is providing a cover against the sun’s UV rays.

You will be using less sunscreen when you head out, and of course, you can sport some cool beard styles with your vests and shorts. If you have tolerance for formals, you can rely on some excellent beard grooming products to promote beard growth. 

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Almost 50% of the sun rays are blocked, and you can stay away from irritations and allergies that the sun causes. There is also a lot of dust and dirt during the Winters. Your beard also helps to keep these agents away from your face. If not entirely, at least half of your face is thoroughly protected. 

Healthy growth Boost

You don’t have to keep asking - Is Onion oil good for beard growth? Or If you need to buy any cosmetic products to increase beard growth. Winters are when you are most active. You feel like stepping out, playing, hitting the beach, or even embracing some physical exercises to keep yourself in shape. 

All the physical hustle is going to release testosterone in the body, which ultimately promotes better hair growth. So, you will see that your beard is growing faster, thicker, and healthier than usual. 

Winter is the best time to grow your beard without relying on cosmetic products, home remedies, or supplements. You also need to keep yourself hydrated and pop some vitamins to maintain the facial hair’s lustre and strength. Think of this as a way to establish the beginning of having the perfect beard and moustache. 

Traps Moisture

The harsh sun rays will strip your skin of moisture, and you will feel that your face looks dull and lifeless when you get back home. With a good beard in place, you can stay assured that the moisture still keeps your skin supple and soft.

It is also one of the many ways your skin will look young and supple. The charm is the first thing anyone will notice on your face. 

You Stay Young

You must have heard how the ultra-violet radiations from the sun are going to cause skin wrinkling, damage, fine lines, and suck out the moisture from the surface. When you are 40, you will look like you are 60. It might seem too irrational now, but there is no point regretting it when it finally happens.

The beard covers a majority of your face from the sun rays and reduces exposure to UV rays. The most crucial parts of your face, the cheeks, and the lower neck will be safe from radiant attack. 

When you are shaving, you can give the hair a short trim, drawing perfect lines along the sides to flaunt your strong cheekbones. It not only makes you look stylish, but also prevents any future complications. Walk like a boss while you stay confident that ‘early ageing is a forgotten factor”.  

Make Heads Turn

Most of the men like to chop their beard off during the Winter months. Of course, there is going to be a lot of maintenance that everyone wants to avoid. You were right to keep questioning that - Is Onion oil good for beard growth, and should I be using grooming products and supplements to promote beard growth. You are going to see the results now.

It takes more than one month to see some impressive growth. When you think the beard is thick enough, trim and shape it well. Make your V-cut beard or club it with a good horseshoe moustache.

When you finally step out, the ladies are going to turn to look at the man who dared to flaunt a beard under the sun. And, of course, it gives you a wild and adventurous air that women have come to like. 

There is no Professional Inhibition.

Isn’t this one of the biggest fears of men today? What if my boss glares at my beard? Is it too unprofessional? Will I get a memo or be fired for donning a beard? The days are gone when people look you up for turning up with a beard to the workplace.

If you use good beard grooming products, it’s very easy to control how your beard grows. Of course, it is not okay to turn up with a ‘wizard’ beard at the workplace. It’s going to look out of place too. However, a 5 ‘o’clock shadow, or well-trimmed sideburns are going to look splendid.

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If you are going to wear a suit, or simply a tucked-in white shirt, a good beard will make you look strong and powerful, and create an air of authority around you in the workplace. 

So keep enquiring about Is Onion oil good for beard growth? And should I be buying supplements, drinking more water, or exercising? Get all the input that you need to healthily grow your beard here. This Winter, make an impression among the crowds by making a fashion statement with your perfect beard style.