7 Natural Oils that Promote Beard Growth

7 Natural Oils that Promote Beard Growth

  • Simran Sharma

Beard is a classic trend among men. But we all will agree to the fact that maintaining and growing a beard is a challenging task. Our body produces natural sebum or oil. But the hair goes through a lot of wear and tear. Pollution, lifestyle and the environment take a toll on your hair. As a result, we get dull, dry, damaged hair that is prone to split ends and even hair fall. Imagine your beard going through all of this. 

No need to get scared. We are here to help you out. Time to take care of your beard as beard maintenance can get time-consuming and even costly at times. But with the correct grooming set, you can get a beard just like your favourite celebs. Below we are suggesting to you the top 7 natural oils that act as a beard activator. Keep Reading - 


beard activator


Jojoba Oil - This plant is grown exclusively in India and China. Jojoba oil comes in the form of liquid wax and has a texture just like sebum. This oil is extremely beneficial for both skins as well as hair. This natural oil has a thin texture that spreads through the pores and strengthens growth in the hair follicles. This oil acts as a natural moisturizer that will take care of your beard hair as well as the skin beneath it. An anti-inflammatory skin product that tames down any infections on your beard hair. This is also an antioxidant-rich hair oil that promotes new hair growth.  

Jojoba Oil


Castor Oil - An oil that is guaranteed to provide you with rich lustrous hair. This oil has gifted properties to improve skin and hair conditions. Mineral and nutrient-rich hair oil help in increasing hair growth and reducing hair fall at the same time. Castor oil promotes healthy blood circulation and thus boosts the formation of new hair. This natural oil helps in improving the hair texture of your beard. The oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties, thus it helps to get rid of any bacterial infections on hair. Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, castor oil is instrumental in giving you the desired look on your beard.

Castor Oil


Cedarwood Oil - One of the ancient essential oils that many of us are unaware of. The scent of the cedarwood oil is largely aromatic and helps in relieving stress and promoting sleep among adults. The soothing nature of this oil will help you to get perfectly trimmed hair and aid in beard hair growth at the same time. If you are suffering from dry and damaged hair, then this oil can help to protect you from the same. This oil promotes blood circulation and also acts as an antiseptic that prevents any infections in case of wounds or cuts. Cedarwood oil contains sesquiterpenes that help to release toxins from your body and hair and promote healthy hair growth.

The above given are some of the best-rated essential hair oils. But using these essential oils can be a little tricky. You need to know all about the technicalities with this hair oil. 

Cedarwood Oil


Vetiver Oil - A famous natural beard growth oil that is also known as Khus Khus oil. It is an anti-inflammatory oil that also acts as an antiseptic, tonic or even an aphrodisiac. An earthy musky scent has a cooling effect on the beard and body. One of the best essential oils to relieve you from stress and other negative factors. This soothing natural oil caters to dryness concerns and thus keeps your skin and hair moisturized. Even cracking of hair follicles can also be reduced by this hair oil. Newer tissue growth and dead and discoloured skin around the beard are well-taken care of by this oil. 


Vetiver Oil

Peppermint Oil - One of the most important beard growth oil. This oil has antifungal properties that help to flush out toxins from the hair and promotes healthy beard hair growth. The androgen and DHT hormone of this oil has a positive effect on male hair growth. Peppermint oil helps in boosting blood circulation that further helps in promoting healthy hair growth. With a minty scent, this hair oil helps in thick and dense hair on the beard. 

Peppermint Oil


Rice Bran Oil - This oil is rich in Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids. This oil stimulates growth and helps in smoothing out skin and hair. The antioxidant-rich oil helps in achieving your dream hair growth. With inositol as the prime ingredient of this hair oil, you can get rid of dandruff or any other scalp infections if any. The omega fatty acids help in the premature greying of hair too. This oil can help you largely in working on split ends and thus gives you thick luscious hair with regular usage. 

Rice Bran Oil


Onion Hair Oil - Last but not least is our very own onion oil. Many of us might ask, is onion good for beard growth? So, here is your answer. Onion oil is extremely thick but is rich in antioxidants. This multi versatile hair can be used on the skin as well as hair. The oil is rich in essential fatty acids and works on giving you beautifully smooth and luscious hair. You can also enjoy thick and black hair with this oil. The oil is deeply moisturizing and thus your dull and damaged hair will be well taken by this oil. 


The above given are some of the best-rated essential hair oils. But using these essential oils can be a little tricky. You need to know all about the technicalities with this hair oil. 

Let us understand the same. 

How and when should you use essential hair oils?

All of the above oils must be mixed with your regular hair oil. None of this should be applied directly and alone on your beard. The mixture can be used immediately, and then you can go for a wash. But to get the best results, make sure that you leave them overnight. 

regular hair oil


Also, make sure that you take a pea-sized amount of the essential oil and then rub them lightly on your beard. Give a good massage to enjoy the relaxing and soothing effect on your beard. 

Let us know if you have used any of the above-mentioned essential hair oils for your beard. We would love to know about your inputs on the same.