Beard Softener Benefits and other Facts - how long does it take for onion juice to grow a beard?

Beard Softener Benefits and other Facts - how long does it take for onion juice to grow a beard?

  • Simran Sharma

Beards have aesthetically become an important part of a man’s life. Right from puberty, when the first hair follicle begins to appear, to adulthood, where long-grown beards become a style statement, beards have come a long way. We have beard care products like beard softener infused with the goodness of onion juice, jojoba oils, and the like to grow more dense beards. Lastly, thanks to movements like ‘No Shave November’ that have kept the sanctity of this beautiful add-on accessory, every man carries so elegantly.

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There’s a study that says a beard is an indication of testosterone presence as well as a sign of maturity that most women search for in a man. The internet is filled with ways to grow and take care of your beard, some of which are available in the kitchen itself. Everyday items like onion juice can help you grow a beard.

For men, beards are associated with a multitude of adjectives, from envy to joy to sex appeal. Here are different things that only ‘men with beard’ can understand:

Keeping a beard is okay, but maintaining it is a job in itself

With a great beard comes great responsibility. The amount of beard care products that it requires to maintain the length, quality and strength of the beard is huge. Not to forget the price that you pay for vanity full of beard oils, beard washes, face wash, beard wax and so much more. It's almost equal to the amount of money women spend on feminine hygiene products. However, the simple joy of taking care of long beards surpasses every little roadblock.

The J factor

Since a beard is every man’s best-friend, not many are lucky enough to meet them when their puberty hits. For many others, even when it does, it's not as per the plan. As for those with bigger and greater beards, they are left with the worst stares of their life. The J factor is very real for these men. You cannot ignore a bearded man on a street, whether it’s envy or admiration. But no matter what others think, the bearded man must always love what they are blessed with.

Joy of stroking

If you are someone with a great beard, you would know the sheer joy of a good beard stroke. No matter the occasion, there's always time for a beard stroke. Moments when you are thinking profoundly or angry at something or someone or simply applying your beard softener, a stroke is helpful in indicating that emotion. It seems you may be doing one right now, which means you agree with us!

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Champion of hair-related queries

Those with long beards are often cornered for every hair growth-related advice. It’s as if everybody thinks you are blessed with great wisdom. Let's thank Bollywood and Hollywood or any other film fraternity for this misguided information. While we had men like Jesus, Gandalf, George R.R. Martin and every other wise man with long beards, it’s not necessary that your bearded friend could be your agony uncle.


It is pitiful to see your beard hair in your fingers when you stroke them. With each facial hair fallen, a man wonders to himself, is this where it all begins? Calm down, there’s nothing to worry about. When you keep good care of that beard, every follicle fallen is replaced with a new one. Remember, as we said, with a great beard, comes great responsibility. It means you need to make sure to keep it managed and prep to keep it protected.

The length of your beard defines your character

Ever heard a woman say she judged you based on your facial hair? You most certainly have! Facial hair growth can change a face, and a face change implies that ladies that might not have considered you before are certainly looking at you with a changed perspective. They consider you to be more mature, better lovers, patient, and understanding. The beard stroke, too, isn't only personal vanity but a pleasure a man is capable of offering women.

Grey-haired beard

Unlike the hair on the other parts of the body, the beard displays a variety of colours that make each strand unique. This characteristic of the beard is a statement. Men with golden or grey hair in their beards have a unique sex appeal and attract a large audience, both men and women. People are all in for men with a silver fox look and desire to have for themselves.

How to take care of your beard?

Here is a list of products that every bearded man must possess:

Beard Shampoo: It’s an unsaid rule to always wash your beard as much as you wash the rest of your face or the hair in your armpit. However, it’s a bad idea to do so with a regular washing soap. It dries out the hair and the skin below. Use customised shampoos for your beard at least twice a week and always moisturise to keep the hair from getting weak.

Beard Oil: Beard oils have become a rage these days, especially the ones infused with the goodness of follicle-friendly extracts such as Jojoba oil, Brahmi oil, or even onion juice. Do you know how long it takes for onion juice to grow a beard?  Onion juice, when pressed with the right oils, can show results in just a few weeks.

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Beard Conditioner: A thick and substantial conditioner will hold your beard back from getting excessively thick. Consider a leave-in kind that you don't need to flush out.

Beard-care products: Whatever you rub into your facial hair will undoubtedly get on your skin, as well. Use beard softener and other care products that are non-comedogenic as they clog your pores.

Beard Shaping tools: An electric trimmer is fine for the edge of your facial hair all over. Yet, for forming the whole beard, always use a comb and brush.