How to Groom a Beard the Right Way?

How to Groom a Beard the Right Way?

  • Simran Sharma

Maintaining a mouth full of beard can be a humongous task if you do not take care of it properly. Investing in the right beard face wash is the trick to transform your patchy beard into a shining, handsome one. The trick is to choose the right product that nourishes your beard and keeps it soft, smooth, and thick. 

Beard Face Wash

Everybody is aware of the problem with a patchy beard, but are you aware of a viable solution to end the distress? It's onion juice! Onion juice for a patchy beard is the gateway to a perfectly shaped and well-maintained beard. Let us learn more about this.

How Is Onion Juice Helpful for Patchy Beard?

Onion juice for patchy beard is the simplest hack to stimulate growth and make it appear fuller. There are plenty of benefits to onion juice. It contains essential antioxidants and sulfur that nourishes your beard to a great extent. While sulfur regenerates the hair follicles and promotes hair growth, antioxidants prevent the greying and of your beard. 

Onion Beard Growth Oil

A patchy beard results from thinness and added chemical substances in the air that affect your skin and hair. Remove the dust and improve the growth of the beard using onion juice. 

Another benefit of using onion juice is that it is available at your home, and you can prepare the juice any time of the day and use it. It does not contain any added chemicals and is an organic, homemade preparation bound to deliver results. 

How to Use Onion Juice for Patchy Beard?

It is very easy to use onion juice for your patchy beard. Use the following steps to use it successfully -

  • Peel the onions in small round shapes. Avoid cutting it in julienne as the thinness seems to produce less juice
  • Make a paste out of it using a mixer. You can also paste it using mortar and pestle. The richness should be kept intact so avoid diluting it
  • Take cotton balls and swab them in the juice
  • Apply it gently on the board. Touch the roots and make sure the juice reaches the root as well as the tip of the beard and massage gently
  • Keep it for an hour or so
  • Wash it using cider or vinegar. That removes the strong, pungent smell of the onion
  • You can incorporate coconut or castor oil for better results. They yield a rapid growth of beard hair in fewer days
  • Use this paste every other day

Onion Beard Growth Oil

Using Beard Face Wash to Grow Soft and Healthy Beard

The way you clean and nourish your hair, apply the same for your beard. It should be a typical routine that needs your time, dedication and finding the right product for your beard. A beard’s growth largely depends on the natural factor dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is activated from the oil glands of your hair follicles. Face Wash is necessary product to boost this growth and keep the beard healthy and transform it from lean and patchy to dark and full.

Choose the Right Face Wash

Each beard has its way of growth, which varies from person to person. Different brands cater to these needs while producing Face Wash. For the best results, ditch the idea of going by a generic product. Instead, learn about the specifics that these products offer and go by the kind that suits your beard kind the most. 

Always choose the product from the same brand and try to buy organic products. They are free of sulfates and ammonia, which means extra protection. 

For people who want to grow a thick beard, buy beard thickening face Wash. Face Wash cleans your beard from the cuticles, and conditioners soften the beard that is hardened from the application of face Wash. It also protects the beard from pollutants, making it look shiny and well-shaped. 

That Is a Lot of Work!

If you aim for the best results, you need to include Face Wash in your maintenance regime. That is mostly because they serve different purposes, collectively required for a healthy growing and shining beard. Dirty and unkempt beard accumulate a lot of dust that tangles the hair and may become the hub of lice! Thus, a clean beard is important to have.  

Beard Face Wash

How to Apply Them for the Best Results?

To get the best results, wash your beard thoroughly with a Face Wash thrice a week. Cleansing the beard correctly is important to make sure that all the area is covered and thoroughly face Wash. Along with this, you should also make the cleansing process sustainable.

Use a little more than a pinch of face wash on your palm and add a few drops of water to it. Rub gently on your hands to form a lather and apply it evenly on your beard. Do the same for your conditioner and massage all over the beard. Avoid touching the root with the conditioner as that may lead to hair fall. Wash it properly with neat, cold water and use a dry towel to leave it dried and moisturized. To get the best results, use a good comb to brush your beard. 

How Frequently Should You Wash Your Beard with These?

When you use face Wash, you clean your beard and inject essential oils in your beard, which are an essential source of rich sulfates. Conditioners enhance the quality of your beard and also make it look shiny, and keep it in good shape. Therefore, washing every other day for 3 days a week is a good way to retain moisture and quality. Avoid over washing because that strips off the natural oil and makes it rough and ragged. Often, beards itch a lot, especially in summer. In that case, increase the dosage by a day till it gets in a proper shape. 

It is essential to take good care of your health and looks. Don't ignore your facial hair. Trim it often, use face Wash and attain the look that you want.