How to Grow a Thicker Beard?

How to Grow a Thicker Beard?

  • Simran Sharma

Many misleading products do nothing to make your beard grow thicker or stronger.  The impressive advertisements and offers are there to lure innocents into the trap. 

It can be very demotivating. But if you place your bets on the right resources, it is very easy to have a healthy beard that will last for long. 

And then you have to spend your energies on maintaining the marvel that you finally have on your face! It is satisfying to eventually progress beyond the wispy beard and get those thick hairs on your jawline. 

Using the best beard growth oil and onion oil for beard growth - these simple remedies along with other useful tricks are listed below for handsome men like you 

onion oil for beard growth


Hydration, Exercise, and Diet

It might be one of the essential tips that anyone would suggest, isn’t it? But this also happens to be the trick that most of us conveniently ignore and suffer. It is purely based on science, and we are here to explain how!

The hair = Dead cells. When you flush out toxins from your body by hydrating it, having fiber-rich food, the cell cycle runs perfectly, and the dead cells gather easily. And these are the foundation for the growth of a healthier and thicker beard.

Exercise releases testosterone in the body - the male sex hormone. It is as good as any natural onion oil for beard growth because both are responsible for thicker and darker hair growth. When you have darker hair, it creates an illusion as if you have profuse growth, irrespective of how gifted you are in the genes department. 

Proper Face Wash 

Before you even start wondering how to use beard oil , you should set the base right for the further steps. In simpler words, before you start using any beard growth products, there shouldn’t be any dust or dirt on their face.  

Beard Face Wash

Otherwise, the pores will be clogged, and any chance of beard growth will be hindered. So, proper face wash, preferably something with Vit-C or Charcoal, is excellent for any skin type. 

Always keep your face fresh, wipe away the sweat, and see how the beard starts to grow slowly and progressively.

A Derma-Roller

Apart from onion juice for beard growth, you can look at some unconventional options that most men are unaware of. Microneedling can be your lifesaver if you’ve been struggling to get a proper, lustrous, and thick beard.


Beard Activator roller or Derma-Roller is a small tool with a roller and many microneedles on its surface. That explains the name, isn’t it? When you roll a derma-roller over the skin, it makes micro-punctures on the surface. 

It automatically prompts your body to send more blood and hormones to the affected area, thereby improving circulation. Your beard pores will get more blood, oxygen, and nutrients. It is a good bet for those who do not have a lot of time to spend on beard grooming.


It is going to do a lot more than just making your beard look dapper! Good nutrients will make your skin glow, you will look more refreshed, and your beard will, of course, be the main attraction.

Biotin is a supplement that is known for promoting hair growth. And this hair doesn’t necessarily have to be on your head. Men can take up to 1000mcg of biotin for a day, and that would suffice. 

If you have capsules with biotin with other multivitamins like Zinc, potassium, and Vit-C, you are completely sorted!

Beard Serums or Oils

We often hear debates that are centered around Beard serum v/s Beard oil. But to be honest, both of them are equally good for your beard growth. It entirely depends on which product is suiting you and showing results. 

You use beard oils to massage your beard to promote better blood circulation. If you can use products with onion juice and almond oil for the beard, that would be even better. They help to boost beard growth in no time.

beard serum


On the other hand, using a beard serum is the best beard grooming practice. It helps to maintain your beard’s shine, detangles the hair, doesn’t let it look lifeless, and it becomes easier for you to trim and style your facial hair. 

Onions for Beard growth

Does rubbing onion help beard growth? - These are some of the most common questions that men ask. If you see Tik Tok, Instagram reels, or any blogs, you’ll notice people won’t shut up about the benefits of onion juice for hair growth. Does applying onion helps beard growth too? - Yes!


Beard Oil

Onion is the secret ingredient used in traditional folklore and beauty practices to increase hair growth. Rubbing some onion is good for beard growth, and the hair will grow darker and thicker too. But one thing that demotivates us from grabbing an onion from the kitchen is the smell.

That is why choosing a beard oil that has onion extracts is apt for beard growth. It takes time, though. Consistency and continued efforts will yield fruitful results. So, use beard oil or serum with onion every day and see the results within a couple of months.

If you plan to buy a Beard grooming kit, keep all the points mentioned above in mind. Look for serums and oils that have ingredients capable of boosting beard growth. Always look for a derma-roller when you buy the kit. After your beard goes to its full size, use a beard trimming kit to maintain it properly. 

beard trimming kit

Your beard is like a baby that needs continuous attention. So, eat healthy, work out, and buy a proper men’s beard grooming kit so that the beard you worked so hard for will continue to be splendid. It will undoubtedly make you stand out in the crowd, and your confidence will sour up to higher levels.