6 Benefits of Using Onion Beard Growth Oil

6 Benefits of Using Onion Beard Growth Oil

  • Samriddh Dasgupta

One of the most interesting ways of growing a beard faster, as recommended by the hair and skincare experts, is using onion juice. Sounds weird? Afraid you’ll end up repelling people by smelling like an onion?

While it’s a fact that onions have a high sulfur content, which helps in promoting faster hair growth and hair follicles, you don’t need to keep smelling like an onion to have excellent beard hair growth! The best alternative to using onion oil juice and extracts to promote better beard hair growth is using a great onion oil for beard growth.

What Are Some Benefits of Using Onion Beard Growth Oil?

Onions are one of the most underrated vegetables in terms of their nutrient and vitamin capabilities! Let’s take a look at how this household veggie can help your beard grow faster and better.

1. Faster Hair Growth

Using onion oil for beard growth has been proven to have excellent benefits for helping beard hair grow faster. Onion oil contains sulfur, which allows hair follicles to grow faster and is great for growing a thick beard mane. Are you unable to grow a beard fast? Do you have lesser facial hair growth and want to find a way to increase growth more quickly? Try this advanced beard growth oil.

Other beard oils often contain synthetic products that lead to dull and damaged beard hair, split ends, and broken beard hair.  Using onion oil for beard growth is not only a natural and chemical-free way to get better and thicker beard hair but a safer and beneficial way too.

2. Improves Facial Blood Circulation

Onion oil contains properties that help in nourishing the hair as well as the skin. By massaging onion oil into the beard, one can be assured of improving blood circulation on the facial skin for better growth of beard hair. The nutrients from onion oil are deeply massaged into the face and help give rise to healthier hair follicles, from which better quality beard hair can grow.

3. No More Beard Loss

Onion oil is often used to treat hair loss, and Bombay Shaving Company has found a way to convert this benefit to beards! If you often find it challenging to grow a beard due to low beard quality, often leading to hair loss, try using onion oil for beard growth. This refined beard growth oil will help protect your beard hair by using sulfur, which is one of the main components of the hair protein keratin. Sulfur also gives rise to higher production of collagen, which enables beard growth.

4. Improves Beard Texture

Rich in antioxidants, onion beard growth oil adds tremendously to beard health. Most men who have used onion oil for beard growth have stated that it has helped improve their beard texture two-fold. The nutrients in onions help maintain a balance in the skin’s pH levels, allowing the hair follicles to grow in better quality and give rise to better hair texture.

5. Adds Shine and helps in Grey Beard Reversing

With this beard oil, advanced hair shine and nourishing may be expected! Regular use of onion oil helps in smoothing dull and frizzy hair, adding to hair shine, much like a conditioner.

Onion oil’s powerful properties comprising a mix of essential minerals, vitamins, and oxidants, assist in grey beard reversing. If you suffer from premature grey beard hair growth, consider onion oil to be your anti grey beard oil.  

6. Rids you of Dandruff and Skin Irritation

Are you affected by an itchy beard? Dandruff on the beard is a real thing! It is not just restricted to the hair on the head. Dandruff can cause people to have unhygienic and unclean beards that are continually itching, leading to the facial skin becoming flaky and dry. Use onion beard growth oil to combat dandruff. The sulfur in onion oil contains properties that naturally make a very hostile environment for bacteria to thrive.

Using onion oil for beard growth also allows you to maintain the pH level of your skin’s surface - if you are afraid of having oily or dry skin and this causing an effect on your overall beard, then use the best onion oil for beard growth and witness a change in the way your beard grows out. With this advanced beard growth oil, say goodbye to any kind of dandruff, skin irritations, even those caused by razor cuts or burns.

Bombay Shaving Company Onion Oil for Beard Growth

If you’re looking for the best onion oil for beard growth, look no further than the Bombay Shaving Company. Its features include -

  • Longer absorption into the beard hair and facial skin, leading to healthy facial hair growth
  • Less on the grease, light on the beard
  • this anti grey beard oil is blended with rosemary extracts that give you better beard hair growth with a sweet fragrance
  • SLS and paraben-free, providing you a beard oil advanced for daily use.
  • Provides beard hair with high nourishment since it is made of raw natural ingredients and allows for deeper skin penetration.
  • Fit for use on oily, dry, flaky, or any other form of sensitive skin and contains tea tree oil extracts, which help comb oily skin.

Bombay Shaving Company’s carefully formulated beard growth oil advanced price is hard to beat - packed with essential nutrients to promote beard care, this is one product every man trying to tame their beard should have.

Use the Best Onion Oil for Beard Growth

The latest trend in beard growth is onion oil - if you’re looking to grow your beard quickly and lushly, give this Bombay Shaving Company advanced beard growth oil a chance, and watch your face transform in 4-6 weeks of regular usage. For the most optimum results, use the beard oil in combination with the beard shampoo and beard conditioner along with the beard serum, also available on Bombay Shaving Company’s website. Apply it when your beard hair is soft from being washed and conditioned for the best results.