Tips and Tricks to Neatly Shape Your Beard with a Beard Growth Oil

Tips and Tricks to Neatly Shape Your Beard with a Beard Growth Oil

  • Simran Sharma

If you think hairstyles are the only trendy things right now, it is time to give it another thought. It is the 21st century and fashion has evolved more than ever before. Women, as well as men, have the freedom to choose what they want to do about their appearance. In light of that statement, let us turn the spotlight to the wide range of choices that men get when it comes to their beards. The classic French-cut, a goatee, or a little longer beard - which products should you use - the trimmer or the beard growth oil or perhaps try using onion juice for beard growth? The questions and choices are numerous, and it is always a good idea to narrow them down. 


Onion beard growth oil

So when someone is looking forward to shaping, trimming or managing their beard style, what are the most important things they should take care of? Besides maintaining the style, it is a good idea to be using beard growth oil or onion oil for beard  to help in uniform facial hair growth. 

Here is a list of items to know before one venture into the avenue of beard styles. 

The 6 Inside Tricks for a Good Beard Shape

1. Find the Right Beard Shape

The first thing to do when you plan to have a beard shape is to identify the shape of your face and then make sure of a few other facial features. Using onion oil for beard growth will prove effective if you are set on following the steps mentioned.

The most effective ways to do this are:

    • Measure your cheekbones, forehead, and jawline to determine which shape would suit your face - this also helps determine the line of the beard and neckline; using onion juice for beard growth throughout the area can be helpful.
    • Your beard should highlight your cheekbones and nose, so determine the shape accordingly; using beard growth oil is a good idea to maintain facial hair.
    • It is always a good idea to have a home remedy handy. One proven method to maintain a beard is using onion juice for beard.
    • The beard style can be decided in line with any facial shape - rounded, angular, diamond, oval, etc. The shape of the beard can be maintained by using beard growth oil or using onion juice for beard growth. There is a style for everyone, and it only takes some time to figure out which style will look best on your face

Onion Beard Growth oil

2. Use the Right Product

Everyone has their own set of suggestions as to what is to be done for the right beard. The choice is between using the best beard growth oil or onion oil for beard growth, the right conditioner, or a wide range of other things. But it is essentially a trial and error method that works out. The best idea is to take the suggestion of your beard or a professional hairdresser who can tell you what kind of product can suit your skin and hair better. Home remedies like onion juice for beard growth is also a good idea. For maintaining a beard style, the most important products are - a conditioner, a beard comb, and the trimmer, along with a good beard growth oil . With the simple combination of these three things, it becomes a simple task to maintain a good beard style, just from the comfort of one’s own home. 

3.Fill in the Patchy Areas

The problem of hair growth and beard patches can be faced by anyone. Two of the most useful ways to tackle facial hair issues is using beard growth oil and onion oil for beard growth.
Therefore, if someone is planning to maintain a shaped beard, they need to be careful about the patches. There are a number of ways to cover up beard patches - use of beard colour, trimming the areas as required, etc. The problem with facial hair is that no style will suit someone unless there is an even distribution of hair. Be it the beard or the moustache, any style on the face will affect your whole look. The use of beard growth oil or onion oil for beard growth can prove to be effective.

4. Know the Marks 

When a beard is grown and styled, a certain line is created across the neck and jawline over time. The best idea to determine these lines is to use some kind of beard growth oil or onion juice for beard growth and line up the hands with the facial hair. Applying the oil will help you to know where the beard ends, and the skin is present. Using onion oil for beard growth or beard growth oil has proven to be very effective for beard growth. As you use a trimmer or suggest your barber for reshaping, you can understand where the work needs to be done. At home, when you’re using a mirror, it becomes easier to use the trimmer to shorten the length of the beard as and when required. One of the best home remedies to maintain the mark is using onion juice for beard growth or any kind of beard hair growth oil. 

Onion Beard Growth oil


5. Comb It Out 

Contrary to the general idea, combing your beard is very important to maintain growth. Along with the use of beard hair oil or onion juice for beard growth, the most important thing is to comb out the beard every day. Since there is no clean-shave involved, there is a need to clean the beard at regular intervals - it is part of basic facial hygiene. Use a thin beard comb to even comb the beard along with the beard growth oil and line it with the cheekbones and jawline. This keeps the beard clean and smooth. It becomes easier the next time the beard has to be trimmed. Any kind of beard growth oil can be used; if not, using onion juice for beard growth can be an option.   

6. Line It Up Well

In a constant hurry, people forget to groom their beards properly - one of the many reasons why the problems of patches and hair losses occur. Applying beard growth oil or onion oil for beard growth before the process is a good idea. Using a good trimmer, the beard should be lined close to the lips, along the cheekbones, and at the brink of the nose. This keeps the style of the beard intact and helps for the growth after a shave. There is always the choice of using onion juice for beard growth or using beard growth oil when lining up the new beard style. This helps in keeping the consistency of the beard, no matter what style is used.


After the challenging year we have been through, the overgrown and often unmanageable quarantine beard can pose a big problem to maintaining the appearance. Gone are the days when you used to shave only when needed. It is finally the time to try out the styles you always wanted to but never could because of work or some other engagement. The use of beard growth oil or onion oil for beard growth can prove effective, but the tricks mentioned above are simple enough to try in the comfort of your home and maintain as long as you want. So, perhaps it is time to take your fashion sense a scale-up and put on the beard of your wish.