Advanced Beard Growth Oil

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  • Infused with Root BioTec™ and Bhringraj
  • Root BioTec™: Prevents hair fall and thinning, boosts hair growth.
  • Bhringraj: Combats beardruff, strengthens beard follicles.
  • Effective on patchy and uneven beards.
  • No harmful chemicals
  • See results in just 6-8 weeks!

Derived from the hairy roots of the basil plant, Root BioTec™️ is a potent extract which stimulates dermal papilla cells in your stubble for fuller and denser beard. The extract stops 5α reductase II activity, which is the main enzyme responsible for beard loss.

The Advanced Beard Growth Oil enhanced with Root BioTec™️ facilitates thicker, denser growth in a matter of weeks!

  • The Root BioTec™ extract combats harmful enzymes which lead to hair loss.
  • The Advanced Beard Growth Oil promotes healthy beard growth.
  • It helps overcome patchy beards and unevenness.

Take just a few drops of the oil, rub it vigorously on your hand then start applying it on your beard. Do it 3-4 times a week to see the results in 6-8 weeks!

The Advanced Beard Growth Oil is beneficial for people struggling to grow a proper beard and those who deal with patchiness, uneven beard growth and hairfall.


Advanced Beard Growth Oil Others
Enhanced with Root BioTecTM Yes No
All Natural ingredients Yes No
No parabens or sulphates Yes No
Chemical-free composition Yes No
No side effects Yes No

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