Beardinator 5 in 1 Daily Beard Care & Grooming Kit

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Beardinator 5 in 1 Daily Beard Care & Grooming Kit comes with a Beard and Face Wash that eliminates all dirt and grime from pores keeping your manes germ free and clean. Enriched with Cedarwood and Argan Oil, Daily Beard Oil helps keep the frizz away. Rich in Shea Butter & Olive Oil, Beard Softener keeps your beard smooth and keeps itchiness at bay. Beard Pocket Brush helps you style your beard on the go. Scissor comes in handy for trimming those flyaways.

  • Includes:
  • Beard and Face Wash
  • Daily Beard Oil
  • Beard Softener
  • Beard Scissors

With great beard comes great responsibility. Use the 5-in-1 Daily Beard Care & Grooming Kit to keep your beard perfect everyday!

The kit helps you nourish and groom your beard. Daily Beard Oil keeps your beard shiny and healthy. Beard and Face helps remove dirt and impurities with natural ingredients. Beard Softener provides protection from heat and damage.

  • Apply the Beard and Face Wash to remove dirt and grime.
  • Take 3-4 drops of Daily Beard Oil and rub it vigorously on your hand then start applying it on your beard.
  • Use the Beard Softener to detangle and soften your beard.
  • Using pocket brush, exfoliate and style your beard.
  • To trim and groom, use a scissor

This kit is for everyone who want best care for their beards without any compromises. Keep your beard shining, like a Beardinator!

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