Onion Beard Growth Oil

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  • Enriched with Onion, Argan, Almond and other essential oils.
  • Onion: High sulphur content promotes beard growth and prevents hair loss.
  • Essential oils: Almond, Tea Tree, Rosemary and more keep stubble healthy for better growth rate.
  • Effective on patchy and uneven beards.
  • No harmful chemicals.
  • See results in just a few weeks!
The Onion Beard Growth Oil is the perfect way to grow the beard of your dreams. The all-natural solution keeps your beard nourished, moisturised and strong.

The Onion Beard Growth Oil invigorates your beard by supercharging it with Onion extracts and an essentials oil blend that makes your beard long and even smells great!

Take just a few drops of the oil, rub it vigorously on your hand then start applying it on your beard. Do it 3-4 times a week to see the results in 4 weeks!

The Onion Beard Growth Oil is beneficial for people struggling to grow a proper beard and those who deal with patchiness, uneven beard growth and hairfall.


Onion Beard Growth Oil Others
All Natural ingredients Yes No
No parabens or sulphates Yes No
Chemical-free composition Yes Yes
No side effects Yes No


The Onion Beard Growth Oil that has a natural, pleasing fragrance with the effectiveness of onion extracts to give you a great beard growth experience!

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